Member Communities

The First Suburbs Consortium of Dayton Ohio (FSC-Dayton) is a Council of Governments of twelve Montgomery County member cities and townships with a combined population of nearly 280,000 that are first-ring suburbs of the City of Dayton.

FSC-Dayton strives to establish working relationships within our communities and between our elected state officials and our member communities. We seek regular communication and discussion concerning issues relevant to first ring communities such as declining population, older housing and declining tax bases that are not keeping up with the need to maintain infrastructure and provision of basic services. FSC-Dayton’s focus is primarily on these issues and others which are unique from those of outer ring suburbs.

Centerville – Population 23,772

Clayton – Population 13,223

Harrison Township – Population 22,390

Huber Heights – Population 38,174

Kettering – Population 55,103

Moraine – Population 6,442

Oakwood – Population 8,980

Riverside – Population 25,151

Trotwood – Population 24,435

Vandalia – Population 15,045

Washington Township – Population 32,746

West Carrollton – Population 12,914

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