This forum, which focused on the attraction and retention of talent in our region, was held at the Sinclair Conference Center on September 15, 2021.  The Forum was hosted by the First Suburbs Consortium of Dayton (FSC-Dayton) in partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC.) Over 100 elected, community and business leaders and economic development, education, nonprofit and healthcare professionals attended the Forum.  The FSC-Dayton Talent Attraction and Retention Oversite Committee is currently working on the next steps in ensure this Forum was not the end, but “only the end of the beginning.”

Talent Attraction and Retention Forum – September 15, 2021

A complete video of the Forum can be found here.   A complete Report on Talent Attraction and Retention and the Forum has been produced by our partner consultant, TIP Strategies, Inc.  It was presented at NLC’s annual City Summit in mid-November and is available here. A short video highlighting the Forum at Sinclair can be found here.

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