What We Do

What We Do

FSC-Dayton strives to establish working relationships between our elected state and county officials and our member communities.

We support federally and state funded programs for blight removal, business re-vitalization and economic development, as well as in earning our fair share of the already-appropriated money that would help our communities.

We also seek regular communication, discussion and seek solutions concerning issues relevant to First Suburb communities, including but not limited to the following topics:

• The need for consistent representation and lobbying efforts at local, state and federal levels.
• Addressing the challenges of declining population and changing demographics.
• Maintaining aging residential housing.
• Revitalizing commercial and industrial areas.
• Finding solutions for declining tax base that does not provide adequate resources to meet infrastructure maintenance needs or the provision of basic services.
• Heroin, opioid and other drug epidemics.
• New construction and replacement of aging infrastructure.
• Maintaining quality schools.
• Ensuring First Suburb communities receive appropriate designated funds for projects and maintenance.

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